B2B Marketing Client and Agency Code of Conduct

We believe that by working better together we can accelerate growth, effectiveness and return on investment in the `b2b marketing’ sector.

To achieve our goals, we need unity in partnerships; most notably, our client/agency partnerships.

We recognise the need for transparency, honesty and clear communication across the industry, from pitching to annual reviews.

In order to make impactful, noticeable change we commit to following the B2B Code of Conduct:


As a Client, we shall:

  1. Provide clear rationale for conducting a pitch and a written brief including background of the business, challenges, expected deliverables, outcomes and KPI’s.
  2. Share the number of agencies that are taking part in the pitch and say if the incumbent is included.
  3. Provide a clearly outlined pitch process with timings for all stages of the process. Where relevant to Include pre pitch chemistry meetings and insight gathering, tissue sessions, final presentations and decision-making and informing deadlines.
  4. Provide name and position of all Client stakeholders as well as the ultimate decision maker (s)in the pitch process.
  5. Provide an internally approved budget for the work that is covered in the brief’s scope of work. If no budget has been approved, we will provide a budget estimate prior to going ahead with the pitch work and make it clear that this is the case. If the pitch is to join the roster without a live brief, we will give an indication of budget spend over a set period.
  6. Where possible, share, prior to the pitch, the decision making criteria and provide face to face/phone feedback based to all agencies who took part once the decision has been made.

As an agency we shall:

  1. Provide names and titles and experience of the team who would run the account or project in the event of a win and have two of these attending the pitch presentation. If this is not possible, explain why upfront. Provide details on who is the lead contact and what their role is.
  2. Provide concepts and ideas within the budget provided as a minimum and make clear the costs of any concepts or ideas that would exceed the budget.
  3. Provide a list of current clients and disclose any non- competes/conflicts with the Client prior to agreeing to take part in the pitch process.
  4. Provide an overview of capabilities, sector specialisms and agency resource structure (what is inhouse versus outsourced).
  5. Provide details of agency process and SLA’s as part of the pitch response.
  6. Provide agency financials for review if
  7. Retain all IP and copyright for any strategic or creative concepts presented to the Client as part of the pitch process.


As a client we shall commit to a team onboarding session with a new agency that will include the following:

  1. Presentation of strategic business objectives
  2. Team structure, roles and responsibilities particularly where inhouse creative resource/teams exist we will provide what is in and out of scope of work.
  3. Company overview including product/service insights and competitor analysis.
  4. Marketing plans, objectives, budgets and project timelines for the year ahead.
  5. Contracts that are fit for service. Billing and approval processes.

As an agency we shall commit to a team onboarding session with a new client that will include the following:

  1. Team structure, roles and responsibilities.
  2. Agency process, providing where appropriate briefing templates and if required a briefing workshop.
  3. Creative process including rounds of amends including in any estimate.
  4. An SLA to be agreed by both parties.
  5. Contracts, IP and billing processes.

Ongoing Engagement, communication and review

As a client we value the importance of transparent communications and commit to the following behaviours:

  1. Provide SMART briefs for all new projects to include measurable KPI’s and stakeholders.
  2. Provide an honest review of the agency at a mutually agreed frequency with the key account holders including areas for improvement if needed.
  3. Provide a roadmap of future planned work as far in advance as possible with the agency and where beneficial, other agency partners and share changes to plans/priorities when they happen.
  4. Should any issues occur, raise with the key account holder or agency head/owner at earliest possible convenience to find a resolution.
  5. Understand that the IP and copyright for any strategic or creative work developed by the `Agency is retained by the Agency until the invoice for that work is paid by the Client to the Agency.

As an agency we value the importance of transparent communications and commit to the following behaviours:

  1. Provide an honest, feedback on projects, relationships and make suggestion for improvement with the key stakeholder.
  2. Share any team changes, including promotions, on the team prior to them being instated.
  3. When issues occur, raise with the key decision makers at earliest possible convenience to find a resolution.
  4. Be transparent on timings and costs and ensure that they are met or expectations are managed.

Behaviours (both agency and clients)

We value the importance of partnership and treat each other with respect, honesty and professionalism. We will respect each other’s boundaries and support each other to deliver great work.

The Code of Conduct is an industry wide collaboration (both agency and clients) and free resource lead by B2B Marketing and The Magnus Club and supported by:

For questions, comments or to add your support to the list above please contact teresa@themagnusclub.com | Download logo

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